The Class Website

This is a yearlong course dedicated to all things tech. We all be going through boot camp to learn how to save, link, retrieve and create using a variety of programs. Once boot camp is over (approximately three weeks) we will begin to assign trimester, and yearlong assignments for yearbook and the other online publications that this class will be responsible for maintaining.

Special projects will be assigned throughout the year to selected groups of students who have a bit more experience with the technologies.

We will be podcasting, movie-making, keeping the school newspaper up-to-date while working closely with the various clubs, community organizations, and special counseling activities to help publicize and keep everyone up on what's happening here at ESMS.

Whether you have a little or a lot of experience, come join us on this journey. All courses are yearlong -- no more trimester classes, so we will be able to explore many more items in more depth this year.